Puppy Photos

For details about our next planned litter or puppies currently available please call
0121 247 5233

Quintavia puppies are born and reared in our home.They are handled from birth and played with regularly.They have lots of visitors in the shape of our children's friends, and my young niece's and nephews.

Our puppies also have the opportunity of playing with older puppies and other adult relatives which teaches vital doggie skills. They have access tothe garden from a few weeks of ageand are encouraged to investigate when they feel ready. This also helps lay the foundationof toilet training.

Our puppy owners are encouraged to stay in touch and regularly send us photo's and updates. Quintavia insist that if a family's situation changes and they can no longer keep their cocker, any dog bred by us must come back to us for re homing. All puppies bred at Quintavia are lovingly reared, they receive lots of love and attentionfrom the wholefamily and go out into the world confident little cocker'swho make fantastic companions.

Here are a selection of puppies at various stages.Please note that the puppies on this page are not current or for sale puppies.

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